“Democrats looked yet again to their favorite funding source — taxpayers — to pay for their latest unfunded mandate, the so-called SAFE-T Act. When Democrats passed this massive, short-sided legislation, they did so with a complete disregard for how it would be paid for. In nearby DuPage County, the local cost of implementing the Act has been estimated to be $63 million over the next five years. And next door in Kane County, they’re considering a huge tax increase on residents to fund the new staff and additional courtroom space that will be required for compliance. What will taxpayers get in exchange for turning over more of their hard-earned money? Higher crime, fewer protections for local police officers, and a revolving door justice system that puts dangerous criminals back out on the streets within hours of their arrest.”

—State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry), Incumbent Candidate for State Senate in the 32nd District