Craig Wilcox, Incumbent Candidate for State Senate in the 32nd District, has released a statement calling for the permanent elimination of grocery and prescription medication tax:

“Inflation is crippling Illinois families. Democrats know this, but continue to tax Illinoisans at every turn. The State of Illinois received billions in unanticipated revenue over the last year, but rather than give it back to the taxpayers through permanent tax relief, they decided to engage in election-year gimmickry. They provide short-term, temporary relief that expires shortly after the election and keeps the rest for their pet projects. This year I co-sponsored a measure that would permanently eliminate the sales tax on groceries and prescription medication. To no surprise, Democrats buried the bill and refused to allow a hearing or vote on it.”

—State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry), Incumbent Candidate for State Senate in the 32nd District